Looking for the perfect business location? Antwerp, the city of Sinjoren!

Antwerp is the perfect spot for entrepreneurs and ideally located for emerging ventures and well-established companies looking to expand their business. This slightly colored statement coming from overly confident genuine ‘Sinjoren’ can be invigorated though with actual true indicators. Here’s a summary with some unprejudiced bare facts.

Economic engine of Flanders

Antwerp is by far the largest city of Flanders and generally considered the impellent center of our Belgian economy. With its world-class industry and particularly its chemical companies the Port of Antwerp, 2nd largest of Europe, provides a solid breeding ground to develop industrial and logistic activities into profitable investments as the foundation of our national economic system. But also the convenience and facility-oriented sector delivers outstanding services. Antwerp offers great business opportunities for aspiring start-ups as well as for more established corporations.

Unique location

Centrally located in the heart of Europe, Antwerp serves as the intersection for most important commercial and traffic flows. Apart from the port, you have access to a railway station with an extensive HST network and even a regional airport at your doorstep. Brussels Airport is only a 40-minute drive away. Which means a smooth connection to other European metropolises such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Cologne,  Frankfurt and Paris and even London is easy to reach.

Open and creative climate

Next, foreign bankers prefer Antwerp as prime investment location for its creative new concepts and innovative ideas that seem to bloom all over the city. Both local start-ups and spin-offs are supported to grow into successful profitable companies, as well as it is home for well-established names.

Innovation is key

From the moment Flanders launched the New Industrial Policy, Antwerp clearly takes the lead with main focus on sustainability in chemical industries. Cutting-edge logistics and smart pioneering economy. The Antwerp Headquarters service attracts headquarters from logistic companies, shipping companies, chemical and petrochemical companies and important financial service providers such as lawyers, banks and insurance agencies.

Market bursting with talent

With its wide variety of quality college and university campuses, Antwerp can offer a permanent source of well-trained multilingual talent. Mostly highly educated, which means a large selection of locally based, skilled staff at full disposal.


Further, for entrepreneurs, Antwerp is a relatively affordable location. In comparison to other European business cities, or even nearby Brussels, office space is rather inexpensive. Yet still of outstanding quality. The high productivity of its employees and the fairly modest daily living cost make Antwerp even more attractive.

Tax benefits

The Belgian authorities offer newcomers interesting fiscal advantages such as the notional interest deduction, which is unique in Europe. This is a fictional interest on the equity capital invested by companies, which can be deducted from their taxable profits. Thanks to the fiscal ruling system they can verify the processing of their investments at all times. Which means a secure legal protection guarantuee.

Cultural prominence

And last but not least, the numerous historic buildings remind us of the glory of Antwerp’s rich heritage and are proof of a prosperous society, but Antwerp is also continuously looking forward: it is a flourishing city of the future with numerous architectural eye-catchers and an extensive contemporary offering of high-level international art, music, dance and theatre.

Attractive campus-based offices by Brody

We at Brody are more than convinced now is the time to steadily increase and expand our offering of campus-based offices in Antwerp. Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and customized advice for your specific needs. We look forward to meeting you!